I Made The SwitCH


I was, and to some extent still am, a Windows user. Have been ever since Windows 95, which at the time I felt was the best thing since... well... since Amiga OS, actually. I had an Amiga 1200 for years, so Windows 3.11 looked decidedly clunky, ugly and feature limited to me. Not to mention its flagship app, WordPerfect. Man, I had Wordsworth AND Deluxe Paint, what would I want with a PC?!

But then Windows 95 came along and working with a PC suddenly became do-able. So I switched and in the intervening years I became the resident expert on Windows for my family and an Internet-expert in my professional life. I’ve used Windows 95, 98, 2000 and XP. I avoided ME, Vista made me cry and when Windows 7 came out I decided I’d had enough. I’d stick to XP for as long as possible! You see, I rummaged around in the registry as casually as a carmechanic changes tires, I got rid of even the nastiest rootkits and I spent probably a year of my life (as in: 365 x 24 hours) fixing problems, so I got quite good at it. Why make me start all over again, being completely unable to even find the fucking My Documents-folder? What Microsoft gets wrong every time is that they rearrange their OS so that absolute newbies can now manage it, leaving those who’ve made the effort to LEARN and RTFM to start from scratch. And then it turns out your mother STILL doesn’t know how to import and sort her digital pictures! So actually it was Bill Gates who bashed her skull in with a printer, wouldn’t you say? Well, I would! Anyway, moving on...

In 2007 I got an iPod video, my first Apple product ever. I’d worked with the Mac OS before some time in the 90’s, when it was emulated on an Amiga 4000 so my school could teach us Pagemaker. That hurt, for an Amiga-enthusiast. Plus, I wasn’t impressed by sixteen shades of blue or the one-button mouse. Still, that iPod video was a bit of a revelation. It was ... perfect! And oh so clever. Like how it stopped playback if you removed the headphones: that was brilliant!

As most people who switch to Apple-products will confirm, one of the most attractive features of their products is their elegant simplicity. The magsafe power plug, that was another jawdropper. I also liked how Mac-machines were so very very quiet compared to my PC.

Soon after the iPod video I got the first iPod Touch. Now I’ve never done cocaine whilst having sex with multiple supermodels, but I can’t imagine it is anywhere NEAR as good as the iPod Touch. (Update: I have. It’s FANTASTIC!) Then I figured: ‘If OSX is as good as the iPhone OS, I want to know more about it!’ I tried running it on VMware, I tried building a Hackintosh, but eventually I decided I’d get a Mac Mini (secondhand) and that was the turningpoint for me. This was the OS I wanted to work with. You see, I was in my 30’s now and I had business to be getting on with. Not to mention I was getting sick and tired of basically being the digital pestremover and handyman for my social circle. I was tired of dozens of updates every month (not just for the OS), of having a strict regimen of backups, images and half a dozen ‘support’-programs (such as CrapCleaner, Winrar, Adobe Acrobat, etc.) clogging up my system.

Sounds familiar?

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Why I switched

Yep, I did it. I switched from Windows to Mac. Why? How? Would I do it again? Any regrets?

If you are considering the move, read on. But please: NO EVANGELISING. From either side. Ok?

About the author

Martijn Warnas is a professional voice-over, who lives and works in The Netherlands.
He is not employed or sponsored by Apple, nor by anybody else and business is good, thanksverymuch. He just wants to share what he has learned and maybe pick up some Adwords-revenue. He’s not a Mac expert (yet) and he is NOT interested in your opinions either for or against Mac/Windows, God/Allah, Sugar/Spice, Blondes/Redheads or PS3/XBOX.

Oh and he usually doesn’t talk about himself in the 3rd person but he’s trying out iWeb and not liking it all that much, so far. For one thing, the spellchecker can’t be set to English on his Dutch Mac, so please excuse any typos.

Oh and he’s not above getting free samples from software- or hardware manufacturers, just so you know. But he WILL disclose any deals he has going.

Last update: june 10th 2013